Survival Craft Simulators

Our Survival Craft Simulation (SCS) uses advanced technology to provide a comprehensive range of exercises and training scenarios to help trainees learn and demonstrate competence in survival craft simulation tasks, as mandated by regulations.

Using a simulator setup with a classroom and a part-task bridge, training centres can provide students with the needed training hours to learn the procedures and then assess their proficiency on the part-task or the full mission bridge. This increases training efficiency while minimising accident risks. Also, a simulation classroom means no need for heavy equipment and less downtime and maintenance costs.

Key benefits

  • Reliable and predictable: simulation reduces training downtime due to equipment issues related to an actual lifeboat and lifeboat davit. It also requires minimal maintenance compared to a real-life lifeboat setup.
  • Cost-efficient: simulation incurs a lower annual cost than training in the real world with an actual equipment set-up, which needs a significant amount of maintenance.
  • Safer: The simulator offers a practising one’s skills in a safer training environment (both onshore and onboard) rather than equipment, which has caused many accidents in the past.
  • Easy and efficient: a simulator eliminates the time-consuming preparations needed for training when using a real lifeboat and lifeboat davit. It also does not require a waterfront location.
  • Comprehensive training and exercises: a classroom setup allows multiple trainees to learn the procedures individually and prepare for assessment on a part-task or full mission bridge.
  • Automated assessments: The simulator offers automatic objective assessment, trainee performance reports and logging of all events and trainee actions.

Key features

  • The simulation functionalities train students for:
    – Preparing survival craft.
    – Launching and boarding survival craft.
    – Manoeuvring survival craft to clear ship and return to falls.
    – Recovering and stowing survival craft.
  • Compliance: The solution is compliant with the STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft Training, mandatory for all officers aboard SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) vessels.
  • Keeps records of usage: The simulator enables operational data collection of usage of the simulator.
  • Easy to incorporate into an existing simulator system, such as NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) classroom, part-task bridge, or full mission bridge through a software update. Alternatively, it can be installed as a new standalone simulator system.

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