Offshore and Dynamic Positioning Simulator

Our Offshore and Dynamic Positioning Simulator is based on the NTPRO (Navi Trainer Professional) 5000 navigational simulator, designed to train teams involved in the transfer and supply of anchored mobile offshore units (MOU).

The system provides comprehensive training in anchor handling, Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems and rig crane operations, specifically designed to train MOU, AHT (Anchor Handling Tugs) and offshore supply vessel personnel. The solution has been tested and validated by experienced AH and DP masters and is compliant with NI (Nautical Institute) and DNV (DET NORSKE VERITAS) requirements.

Key benefits

  • Specifically designed simulation solution for:
    – MOU personnel (oil installation manager, MOU DP master, anchor winch operator, offshore crane operator)
    – AHT personnel  (AH winch operator, DPO/navigator offshore crane operator)
    – Offshore supply vessels personnel  (master/navigator, DP operators)
  • Resource Management team training for bridge, deck, crane, and the rig.
  • Anchor handling modules to enable familiarisation with the equipment.
  • Specific skill-based training for anchor handling.
  • Operations planning training for rig moves.
  • Dynamic Positioning training, including basic, advanced and sea time reduction modules.
  • Rig crane operations training.
  • ROV-operations training.
  • Custom applications training.
  • Staff assessments.

Key features

  • A limited task simulator for instrumentation or blind DP manoeuvring, joystick manoeuvring and position keeping.
  • A multi-task simulator capable of simulating DP operations in a realistic and fully DP equipped ship’s bridge environment.
  • A full mission simulator capable of simulating dynamic positioning operations in a realistic and fully equipped ship’s bridge environment, including visual presentation capability near offshore installations.
  • Complaint with NI and DNV requirements.
  • Tested and validated by experienced AH and DP masters.
  • Successfully interfaced with the following DP manufacturer systems: General Electrics (former CONVERTEAM), Marine Technologies (MT) and NAVIS.

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