Navigation and Bridge Simulators

Our market-leading navigational simulation solutions are enhanced and redesigned for a rapidly changing, digitised maritime industry and the next generation of seafarers. The entire simulation and training offering is available across multiple media – from traditional classroom-based and full mission simulation to virtual reality and distributed learning models – all under a single software platform.

Key benefits

  • Wide range of own training courses covering the different maritime domains.
  • High-quality content and extremely realistic simulation with authentic equipment replicas.
  • Ultimate flexibility for all users in terms of location, scale, and type of training they deploy.
  • Available in several configurations enabling a flexible and collaborative environment for training compliance with all international standards and regulations.

Key features

  • GMDSS simulator
  • ECDIS simulator
  • Offshore and DP simulator
  • Ice navigation simulator
  • Fishing simulator
  • SAR (Search and Rescue) operations simulator
  • Survival craft simulator
  • Oil spill response simulator
  • VTS simulation and training solutions
  • Naval applications

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