Engine Room Simulators

Wärtsilä Engine Room Simulator (ERS TechSim) is designed to train and assess the competence of engine department personnel, including second and chief engineers, officers in charge of engineering watch, and ratings of engineering watch.

The ERS TechSim provides a detailed replica of the vessel systems and simulates machinery and engine room compartments. The ERS TechSim version was developed for engineering staff and provides hands-on experience in watch-keeping, troubleshooting and resource management. This simulator is ideal for training centres, academies, governmental authorities, shipping companies, and crewing agencies.

Key benefits

  • Engine room equipment familiarisation.
  • System layout and flow diagrams.
  • Control system and automation.
  • Alarm and safety system.
  • Watchkeeping and troubleshooting.
  • Emission control and fuel economy management.
  • Vessel resource management.

Key features

For trainees: 

  • Ship’s diesel propulsion plant.
  • Ship’s electric power plant.
  • Auxiliary systems and machinery.
  • Machinery sound imitation.
  • Alarm systems with Sound & Visual Alarm Unit.
  • 3D visualisation.

For instructors: 

  • Exercise editor to create and edit exercises.
  • Briefing facility for trainees.
  • Online monitoring and recording trainee’s work.
  • Debriefing facility for display and analysis of recorded exercises.
  • Extended possibilities for exercise data printing.
  • e-Tutor evaluation and assessment system
  • Integrated communication system.

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