AlphaRiverPilot MFS


  • Self-learning Adaptive Pilot
  • TrackPilot integration
  • Slim and compact design
  • 5-inch touchscreen display


Introducing the AlphaRiverPilot MFS – the ultimate pilot system for your vessel. With the option to run fully digital and support backwards compatibility for analogue sensors, this system is built to accommodate both old and new technologies. The redesigned housing of the processor box allows for faster installation and replacement, making commissioning a breeze with our in-house build programmer. Connect up to four compact MFS Tiller units with installation options such as in an armrest of a chair or in the ship’s console with the help of our adapter plates to accommodate larger holes. The MFS Tiller units come in two variants – surface and flush mounted – to suit your installation needs. With full control of single rudders, linked rudders, independent rudders, or (in combination with) azimuth Z-drives, this system offers unparalleled flexibility and precision. The new pilot also offers connection options for other vendors for special configurations such as RMS or other systems.

Self-learning Adaptive Pilot

The Autopilot system offers two modes of operation: the conventional PID (Non-Adaptive) system, which involves manual adjustment of the Autopilot controls to achieve optimal steering performance, and the advanced AlphaRiverPilot MFS Adaptive Autopilot. With the Adaptive Autopilot, the control parameters are automatically adjusted for optimal performance, reducing the need for manual adjustments. This means you can rely on the system to function smoothly with little to no input from the operator.

Upgrade your vessel’s pilot system with the AlphaRiverPilot MFS and experience enhanced control and efficiency on the water.

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