ECDIS (JAN-9201)


  • 26-inch LCD
  • S-57, S-63, C-map Ed.3, ARCS
  • 4x NMEA input (GPS, AIS, Log, Gyro)
  • Possibility for Radar overlay


The JAN-9201 ECDIS model comes standard with a pre-loaded range of official, global ENC’s and is ready for all well known chart suppliers. Having direct access to the portfolio of ENCs makes it far easier to obtain the data required for passage planning. Also industry standards such as dynamic licensing, PAYS, AIO are available and during route planning and/or while on voyage, weather, tides and piracy information can be seamlessly downloaded through the various services of the chart suppliers.

Route planning has been completely rebuilt for our new MFD system. The advanced nature of JRC’s new ECDIS system allows you to plan a route in different ways with extensive flexibility. First thing you notice when you start planning your route is the new menu bar which allows you to do basically anything. You can use the table or graphic editor or use both at the same time. When you graphically draw your next waypoint it is automatically added to the table editor. And vice versa. Open, edit, save new and existing routes can be done with ease. Up to four routes can be opened at the same time. You can select and move the entire route on screen and even combine routes, and easily exchange the alternative route with the route in progress. Also from the bar you can easily split the chart between single, left-right, top-bottom or as floating view which can be scaled at own convenience. Dedicated buttons allow you to single click to view waypoints as you prefer. Either zoom in on the display with waypoint centered, or display waypoint to waypoint or display the entire route. You can move, insert, add and delete waypoint and divide a leg.

The MFD provides a rich suite of objects, which you single-handedly can enter, move, insert and add on user maps. Up to 500 maps can be saved. The user map is linked to the chart, and even if there are multiple user maps, you can easily select or merge. The objects consist of mariners marks, symbols, lines, areas and texts. From buoys to buildings and harbors to seabed signals, JRC’s new ECDIS has 65 categories which includes close to 450 graphics instantly available for endless possibilities. User maps will be compatible from previous generation ECDIS to the new MFD. On the new MFD we have significantly increased the library of drawing tools, which prevents user maps on the MFD being exported to previous generation models.

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