ECDIS (JAN-7202)


  • 19-inch LCD
  • Graphical or numerical sensor data
  • Switch between H-up and N-up
  • Data source and data unit selection


The conning function on the MFD is a giant leap forward. As there are so many things that can be shown, the key ways to optimize how information is presented is in a simple and easy to understand format. Every little detail has been carefully considered. In general we have three basic tabs which are categorized as voyage, docking and custom, and on every tab the most appropriate information is presented for the officer. For example, the voyage tab has a 3D highway mode, showing own vessel with waypoint information as well as other pertinent voyage related data, while the docking mode shows more precise information in a more task-specific way. Besides these two pre-set tabs, we provide the officers the ability to set their own custom tab.

Minimum requirement for conning is a trackball and a Central Control Unit (CCU). Depending on the number of MFD’s onboard you are able to get information through the network. By adding a junction box with one or two Serial to LAN convertors (SLC), this setup will provide you with sufficient interfacing power to suit your needs. All the information presented on the conning display is built up in blocks. On the user tabs, the blocks can be positioned at the officer’s choice. For example, if you have an aft facing bridge the 2D picture of the vessel can be rotated 180° to match your operating manoeuvers as you are looking aft.

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