tactical navigation for gray and blue forces!

Naval ECDIS NX is a Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System (WECDIS) that combines safe navigation with tactical operation. The application ensures mission effectiveness as it is designed to budget. Thanks to a modular approach it offers customizable capability upgrades by pure means of software at any time.

Key Benefits

Mission performance

clear situational picture, from navigation to naval mission.

  • Proven type approved ECDIS as basis, with a modern, clear-structured user interface and advanced features
  • Consistent use of qualified data (checked for integrity, validity and plausibility), system health monitoring, and central alert management
  • Validated picture of the navigational and tactical situation

Customized upgrades

advanced type approved WECDIS integrates military features for tactical navigation and operation.

  • Customizable from a commercial ECDIS to a STANAG WECDIS – Easy capability upgrades, each single feature is configurable via software
  • Modular features include tactical overlays, waterspace management, anti-submarine warfare and more
  • Perfect match for gray and blue forces

Effective and free of risk

ready for future: type approved WECDIS as flexible basis for modular capability upgrades.

  • Commercial-off-the-shelf equipment and procedures
  • Future-proof hardware and operating system
  • Configurable system setup for risk-free, easy start-up
  • Fully type-approved, without R&D risk
  • Global service network in case you need help

Charts & standards

  • Chart formats supported: S-57 / S-63 ENCs / AIO
    Optional: AML 2.0, 2.1 & 3.0, ARCS, DNC, TOD, BSB
    Support of the new S-100 Standard already planned for 2026. Current hardware will most likely be able to be upgraded.
  • Type Approved according to IEC 61174 Ed. 4 and IHO Presentation Library S-52 Annex A Edition 4.0
  • All available naval features according to STANAG 4564 Ed. 3 (April 2017)
  • Secure network compliance IEC 61162-450 Ed. 2
  • New bridge alert management standard (IMO.302(87), IEC 62923-1 and -2

Main Features

Platform capabilities for navigation and situational awareness.

  • Fully compliant type approved WECDIS, made in Germany and tailored to specific naval requirements
  • Modern human-machine interface, with retractable panels for a maximized chart view and a quick access bar for essential functions
  • Smart tools for route planning, route management, route monitoring, and more
  • Sensor management, target management, alert management, health monitoring (in combination with an integrated navigation system according to IEC61924-2 / MSC.252(83) and ANEP-77)
  • Customizable with military features for special missions, tactical overlay, waterspace management and anti-submarine warfare

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