Echo Sounder BB

  • Advanced 3 kW transducer
  • Simultaneous display of four frequencies
  • One-touch memory buttons
  • Long range detection


The JFC-180 is an innovative, blackbox echo sounder which is capable of displaying 4 different frequencies at the same time, providing the operator greatly enhanced fish detection. It is easier to differentiate between the various fish species, large shoals of fish and the seabed, resulting in better targeted catches and contributing to conservation of fish stocks.

You can select four frequencies within the range of broadband transducer. Flexible selection of frequencies by 0.1 kHz step enables the user to stay away from interference with the sounders on other vessels. Users can zoom by any range. After setting the zoom image, the normal image is indicated above and the zoomed image is displayed at the bottom part of the screen. The example on the right is focussed from the sea bottom, showing the depth upwards, which is especially useful for trawler vessels.

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