Chart Plotter/ Fish Finder (FF-901)


Compatible with a variaty of Airmar and Radarsonic transducers
Ultra bright display for contrast in all light conditions
Wi-Fi connectivity
Acces data everywhere via cloud service


A multifunctional marine system designed to put every detail at your fingertips. Complete with 9-inch touch display the FF-901 offers an easy to operate solution for navigating and fish finding. The system can be operated in multiple ways. The FF-901 maximizes the benefits of the touch screen with the reliability of an ergonomic keyboard. The rotary knob gives you a fast and precise control in every condition, while the touch screen allows the best experience in map exploration and route building. The system offers user customizable keys. Programming F keys give you instant access to three of your favorite functions.

As the FF-901 is C-Map 4D and Max compatible, you will experience the latest evolution of electronic charting technology and the ability to view charts in 2D or amazing 3D presentation with high-resolution satellite imagery. Try the Easy Routing and the Route Check to improve your routes.

What about duplicating your plotter on your tablet? It’s easy: establishing a Wi-Fi connection, you can use your tablet as a touchscreen chart plotter! Software updates come easy. Keep your chart plotter always up to date, thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity. Synchronize your data with cloud connectivity and manage routes, tracks and marks from any connected device. Build your favorite routes easily at home, and find them ready on your chartplotter.

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