JHS-400 is a 400MHz band onboard communication system consists of several portable stations, base station, and repeater antenna system, allowing for smooth communication during steering, loading, unloading and life-saving activities. The portable stations, which are several handheld transceivers, enable you to communicate with each other from any working area, and the base station expands the communication range of portable handhelds. The repeater antenna system relays radio signals between two or more areas that are shielded by ship’s bulkhead, providing an expanded communication area.


Highly reliable
The automatic power control circuit, voltage regulators and excessive input protection ensure high stability. The advanced microprocessor controls the circuits, which provide high performance and smooth operation

The handheld offers multi-channel and single handed operation. It will, due to the suitably arranged buttons and switches, provide safe, precise and convenient control of work handling operations. A headset is also available. It is so tightly made that water cannot enter, ensuring normal usage, even in rough conditions, and is designed to minimise the power consumption and to maximise the operating time.

Base station
The JHS-400A base station receiver is very compact, allowing for a flexible installation approach in confined spaces, and is also as flush type available. To always be in full control for general and safety communication onboard, an intercom function with a remote controller is built in. Tone squelch is also integrated, suppressing unwanted communication.

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