Inmarsat Fleet Broadband

The JUE-250, a pioneering next-generation satellite communication terminal, delivers the most advanced maritime service available, fully contributing to the operational efficiency of vessel and crew.

A vital resource

By integrating the JUE-250 onboard, a captain would be able to use FleetBroadband to talk to his port agent while simultaneously perform a host of other duties, from updating weather information, route planning to maintaining the crew morale by enabling them to call and email with family and loved ones or to browse the internet – a degree of flexibility never before possible.

Optimal connectivity

Based on 3G standards, FleetBroadband will provide constant, simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data, capable of supporting always-on broadband connectivity at speeds up to 284 kbps and streaming IP data rate of up to 128 kbps.

Additionally, it allows users to send and receive SMS messages of up to 160 characters, a feature that is proven popular with crew who are used to texting from their GSM mobiles while on shore.

Proven antenna design

JRC adapted its three-axis control, which is a proven stable system and the best way to keep the size of the antenna to a minimum. Our company’s long experience of antenna design ensured the antenna is robust and easy to install. No gyro or GPS input is required and it benefits from having no cable under the radome, which means there is no need for ‘cable unwrap’ maneuvers to free cable that has become twisted as the device moves to locate the satellite.

Easy to install

The design includes a compact and lightweight antenna, allowing for easy and fast installation. With the antenna set in a proven 35 cm radome, installing your FB250 onboard shouldn’t be a problem.

JRC’s JUE-250 is a dedicated compact solution, which shares the same simple configuration as the JUE-33 Fleet 33, allowing for an easy setup. The FB250 is for new-build as well as retrofit markets and available as a full system or as an upgrade path. You can connect your own supplied hardware, such as computer and fax.


The JRC JUE-250 supports an extensive range of commercially available, off-the-shelf software, as well as specialized user applications. It is ideal for:

  • Email and webmail
  • Real-time electronic chart and weather updates
  • Remote company intranet and internet access
  • Secure communications
  • Large file transfer
  • Crew communications
  • Vessel/engine telemetry
  • SMS and instant messaging
  • Videoconferencing
  • Store and forward video

Global coverage

Inmarsat has been the leading communication provider of satellite services for 30 years, playing an integral role in the lives of seafarers. The Inmarsat Fleet services and JRC terminals have become the standard for deep-sea ships. Now, Inmarsat enhances its maritime portfolio with the launch of FleetBroadband and together with JRC’s next-generation solution we can deliver reliable communications and safety services, contributing to the operational efficiency of vessel and crew

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