High quality antennas

Our range of high quality antennas and accessories are intended for use in voice, data, GPS, marine based radio and other systems. Specially designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance and to withstand the maritime environment.

High quality design
Our antennas are made of fiberglass and/or stainless steel for high-end applications where maximum range and durability are important for example usage on oceans and large lakes. We recommend fiberglass tube antennas, which are coated with smooth polyurethane and will last for many years.

Small boats may also use stainless steel whip antennas because they are rugged and can withstand lots of mechanical forces during heeling of the small vessel. Depending on conditions and weight of an antenna, you can use stainless steel accessories like the adapter tube, deck, rail or wall mount.


Frequencies between 3000 hertz (3 KHz) and 300,000,000,000 hertz (300 GHz) are called radio frequencies since they are commonly used in radio communications. These are the frequency bands:

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